Natal chart reading

A deep dive in your natal chart. We will look at you needs, your struggles, your patterns and strengths. We will look at the planets in your chart, where they are placed and what it means. This reading will help you to evolve and grow and to find an answer where you fit into the world.


1 hour €120 (online via Zoom) 

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Follow up session ↝

This session is a follow up session and can only be booked after a Birth chart reading. In this personal guidance session we will talk about your current life events and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities. We will dive into a theme where you feel stuck or want to know more about. We will focus on understanding why you keep finding yourself in certain situations and I will help you to find the power to break patterns you no longer need. So that you will have space and time for new opportunities, and you can focus on what is really
important for you.


1 hour 110 (online via Zoom)

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Birthday reading 

What is coming up in your next year? Do you want to have powerful insights to make the right conscious decisions about your career and personal life? Do you want to know when the timing is right to take certain decisions and work on yourself and when it’s better to take a deep breath and rest? We will use a Solar Return chart (your birthday!) for the energy forecast of your upcoming year. 
I don’t see Astrology as a way of predicting the future, I do see Astrology as a powerful tool to help you make a concious choice. To work on yourself and reach the higher ground instead of settling for the lower.

45 minutes €120 (online via Zoom)

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