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"Fascinating" - Mark

I came across Annelies’ post via Linkedin about the Astrology Birth Chart and why she switched career. It really appealed to me, and that’s why I had a session about my astrology birth chart. It’s fascinating how Annelies works: clear analysis, incisive questions, but still casual and clear, which is great for someone who’s new to this. Whether you’d like an introduction on Astrology for yourself, or maybe want to know what’s currently in the stars; I recommend Annelies.

"It changed the perspective of my life" - Riekie

The astrology consult that I had with Annelies changed the perspective of my life, path and goals. The insights she gave me explained a lot about the struggles and questions I had, and are immediately applicable. I think back about the consult regularly, with a warm heart but also with fun en surprise. I recommend it!

"Insightful and down to earth" - Yonne

Annelies is a very skilled astrologer. She read my birth chart on the spot due to a wrong date of birth but was still able to pinpoint some of my bigger challenges. She gave some good tips on how to practically use my personality traits and gifts. I thought it was very insightful and down to earth. Would recommend anyone who wishes to know themselves better and to get some practical tips on how to go about in this world. What I especially liked is that everything was recorded: since there is so much information coming at you, it is really nice to be able to re-listen to it any other time.

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"Truly magical" - Lisa

My astrology session with Annelies was truly magical. We planned this session at a moment I really needed some clarity. Annelies was able to give me so much useful information about myself, and even about current events in my life. I would recommend doing a moon session to anyone wanting to trust the direction of their lives path again. Thank you!

"Practical and detailed" - Janneke

I feel that after the reading, I’m much more “in tune” with astrological transitions happening, making it easier to feel and understand why certain things are happening in my life. It gave me insights about my life’s path that I wasn’t aware of before. It was practical and detailed. The fact that she has a strong intuition made the reading even more useful.

"I felt really inspired to live life!" - Maky

I felt every single word matched me. It helped me understand a lot about myself, guiding me towards my life, future, decisions and purpose. I felt really inspired to live life!!! The communication with Annelies is super nice, she explains things in a way that’s understandable and relatable.

"Spot on" - Imke
A special experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better.  In addition, it was special to notice that Annelies could see at which moments in my life ‘life events’ had taken place, based on astrology. For me the reading gave me a better understanding of what my needs are. Annelies is a professional and creates an open, safe atmosphere during the reading. Her readings are spot on.This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.
"Clear explanation" - Petra

It’s special to get the reading and then listen to it again and again. Amazing how dates correspond to impactful events. The message to rest and do nothing is a challenge. Annelies you have a nice energy and clear explanation!


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