I’m very glad you’ve landed here, right where you needed to be.

 My name is Annelies Vette, born and raised in the Netherlands, and let me share my story before you share yours!

☼ Aquarius  ☾ Aries  ↝ Taurus

What would have happened if I had listened to that Astrologer more then 10 years ago? That told me the corporate world did not really fit me? Even though I did hear him, I didn’t listen. I took the long road, and had to fall before I
could rise.

Since then I’ve re-learned to listen to my heart and started working from that same place. A necessary outwards and inwards journey was the result. While I learned techniques from all over the world to heal, I gave myself permission to keep on trying new things time and time again. I started working as a project lead for Food Programme in Cape Verde. We created a
Personal Development course for Cape Verdean entrepreneurs and talents. My Aquarian Sun (eccentric humanitarian) and my Aries Moon (fight for love and the good) were thriving. Meanwhile my rising sign Taurus, is very happy with the slow but strong African heartbeat.

“And then I rediscovered Astrology”

I realised that my Aquarius brain loves to be part of the show too. Now I work as an intuitive Astrologer, making both my brain and my heart happy. From the very long list of things and techniques I learned on my journey I still use the knowledge that I learned from Shamim Meijs, José Antonio Machado and Altazar Rossiter. Debra Silverman certified me as an Astrologer and I was also inspired by Steven Forrest, where I followed online courses.

My corporate HR experience has turned out to be helpful as well. This proves that taking the long road you will arrive where you need to be in perfect timing, and no experience is ever in vain. Sometimes it’s exactly what you needed, so trust the process.

I can’t wait to be inspired by your story and guide you to give yourself permission to be YOU.

Astrology by Annelies beach picture african dress